Look Mom – no hands!

Kids like to share their success with people they care about, like their mothers. Ok-ok, I’m not a kid, and you’re probably not my mother, but nonetheless, I’d like to share some success with you, of the Quora kind.

Quora stats 2016-03-21
Last 3 months statistics

Quora is a site you can go to ask and receive answers on virtually any topic. This screen shot shows my answers over the last 3 months. Virtually all of my answers on the site are on spiritual topics – mostly spirit related, and some on Zen philosophy. What’s interesting here is that the screen shot from my previous post showed about the same number of views, but that was for all time, and this is only for the last three months. So things are happening.

What’s really happening is that I’m helping people (or at least I like to think so). That is the success I’m sharing with you. 😉



Birth of an SME

I remodeled alseyon.com 9 months ago. That was like giving birth. Nine months later, I’ve given birth again, to something a little different. Quora is a site that has many Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) who answer questions asked by visitors to the site. Here are my Quora statistics:

Quora.com statistics 2012-12-31

As an SME, I have answered over 150 questions so far, virtually all of which are about mediumship and spirituality. It’s been a lot of fun, and there’s been an amazing variety of questions.

You can look me up on Quora any time you like. You can ask me questions there, or here on alseyon.com.

Is alseyon.com going away? No. It’s here, and it’s going to stay. It’s a great resource for mediumship and spirituality.

The BIG reveal – Alseyon.com is remodeled!

Alseyon.com and joesblog.alseyon.com were separate sites that focused on mediumship and spirituality. The sites were built in 2008. They’re dated, and they don’t foster a sense of community. A quick inspection of the inside showed that both sites had to go, and a new one had to be built in their place, from the ground up. So the rehab team got going on it. Team members Me, Myself, and I made a coordinated effort to deconstruct both sites, pull out any salvageable parts, and build them into a brand new site. The team put a lot of time into it, and more than a few late nights to get it all done. And now, it’s DONE! Let’s see what happened.

Alseyon.com is remodeled!

Let’s take a quick tour. One of the first things to notice is the color change. The team liked the original blue, but the deeper green with lighter blue highlights just made everything so much better. The logo was completely revamped and redone in gray tones. The name of the site and the catchy “The Spirit of Mediumship” byline gives it a nice touch. The banner gives the site some color, life, and a little pop.

Starting at the top, let’s see the top menu. “What’s up?” gives you an idea of what’s been happening on the site. The Mediumship & Spirituality Center is where you go to find the cool stuff that everybody wants to talk about, like mediumship, physical mediumship, healing, and more. The blog runs down the center of the page.

Note that this is the desktop view. The new site works with mobile devices as well. On a mobile device, everything is in one column. The left menu, which starts with “Site Search” in the screen shot above, is first, and the blog follows it. Let’s continue with the desktop view. Here is a screen shot of a portion of the left menu, showing some forum search, forums and groups, and active groups.

Alseyon.com remodeled - left menu

Alseyon.com was built as a community site, and the left menu has community-based items on it, such as who’s online, a short-list of members, suggested friends, and opportunities to invite friends. Forums and groups are a big part of the community, and there’s a quick list of links to them on the menu. These links are the same as the ones in the Mediumship & Spirituality Center. You’ll see which groups are active, as well as suggestions for groups that you might want to join. The menu ends with a short comment and a link to the credits page. The team knew they had to bring in extra help in order to pull this job off right, so they went to flickr.com for help. Courtesy of flickr and Creative Commons licensing, they were able to get the supplies they needed to beautify the site and pick up the curb appeal.

Last but not least, in the upper right corner of the new site is the user menu. This appears after you log in. This is the desktop view, but the mobile is similar – the menu is on the 3-bar menu icon in the upper right corner of the top bar. Let’s take a closer look at this screen shot of the desktop view.

Alseyon.com remodeled - user menu

From here, you can change your profile settings, see your friends list and friend requests, view messages and notifications. Forums and groups too.

One important note for users who had an account on the old blog or the old site – you’ll need to create a new login for the new site.

And that concludes our quick tour of the new alseyon.com. There’s more to the site than our tour covers, so you’ll want to explore, set up your profile, join us, ask questions, and share your thoughts.






New life in an old fight

There are a number of popular cynics that condemn life after death and/or mediumship. One of them has a $1 million dollar challenge around it, which has been in place for years.

Personally, I don’t give a hoot about proving anything to anybody, least of all to someone who is cynical to begin with. As far as I’m concerned, they can stand on their soap box and say it’s fakery all day long.

This kind of fight is old, boring stuff to me, and it’s been this way forever. But here’s something new and interesting. There’s actually someone in our corner who is willing to take the cynics on. He is matching them with a $1 million dollar challenge to rebut evidence of life after death.

Victor also wrote an article about the technical reasons that cynics are so stubborn. Not bad. I hadn’t thought of them in quite that way before.

How about that?

By the way, in the text above, the usage of “cynic” is mine, not Victor’s. He uses “close-minded skeptic”. My working definition of the difference between a skeptic and a cynic is that a cynic has a closed mind, so for me at least, the term fits.

Lastly, thanks to the anonymous person who gave me the link to Victor’s site as part of a survey I’m running. Much appreciated 🙂


Joe’s Blog is changing, and your input is needed!

Did you know that Joe’s blog has a sister site, which is alseyon.com? Both sites are devoted to mediumship and spirituality. They have been in place as separate but interrelated sites since 2008. I want to make significant changes, but I really need your input. What would you like to see from a site/blog about mediumship?

If you haven’t already done so, please help me by answering this very brief survey – it should only take a few minutes.

I really appreciate your input!


Spirit Marco Polo

It’s nice to think about summer weather while we’re in January. Here’s a thought – do you remember Marco Polo? We used to play Marco Polo in the pool from time to time, and it was fun.

When it comes to being aware of the spirits, it’s not quite a game of Marco Polo, but they can (and do) make themselves known. Here is a nice little article that describes some of the signs and signals you might get when someone in the Spirit World is playing Marco Polo with you.



The Heart of A Mediumship Grinch

Cynical skeptics in mediumship are the Grinches of Christmas. I rarely address them in my blog, simply because they are who they are, they believe as they will, and I have no agenda to convince them of anything. But when there’s a perfect opportunity to poke a little fun at a Grinch who had a little change of heart, I can’t resist.

And in my best Dr. Seuss:

The Whos down in Whoville heard the Grinch’s heart grew

But only one size, and it needs another two!

This Grinch takes much longer, that’s what we know

But we won’t be worrying, because deep in the snow

His heart will be softening, like cold butter on warm bread

And he’ll be at the table, putting out the big spread