New life in an old fight

There are a number of popular cynics that condemn life after death and/or mediumship. One of them has a $1 million dollar challenge around it, which has been in place for years.

Personally, I don’t give a hoot about proving anything to anybody, least of all to someone who is cynical to begin with. As far as I’m concerned, they can stand on their soap box and say it’s fakery all day long.

This kind of fight is old, boring stuff to me, and it’s been this way forever. But here’s something new and interesting. There’s actually someone in our corner who is willing to take the cynics on. He is matching them with a $1 million dollar challenge to rebut evidence of life after death.

Victor also wrote an article about the technical reasons that cynics are so stubborn. Not bad. I hadn’t thought of them in quite that way before.

How about that?

By the way, in the text above, the usage of “cynic” is mine, not Victor’s. He uses “close-minded skeptic”. My working definition of the difference between a skeptic and a cynic is that a cynic has a closed mind, so for me at least, the term fits.

Lastly, thanks to the anonymous person who gave me the link to Victor’s site as part of a survey I’m running. Much appreciated 🙂


The Heart of A Mediumship Grinch

Cynical skeptics in mediumship are the Grinches of Christmas. I rarely address them in my blog, simply because they are who they are, they believe as they will, and I have no agenda to convince them of anything. But when there’s a perfect opportunity to poke a little fun at a Grinch who had a little change of heart, I can’t resist.

And in my best Dr. Seuss:

The Whos down in Whoville heard the Grinch’s heart grew

But only one size, and it needs another two!

This Grinch takes much longer, that’s what we know

But we won’t be worrying, because deep in the snow

His heart will be softening, like cold butter on warm bread

And he’ll be at the table, putting out the big spread


Smoke and Mirrors

The Spiritualist Group on Facebook posted an article about James Randi and the $1 million prize. If you’re not familiar, he is a well-known skeptic/cynic (depending on your point of view) who offers a prize for those who can prove psychic phenomena to his satisfaction. According to the post, biologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake has demonstrated psychic abilities of dogs, and the video explains why he doesn’t have the prize.

My view is that it probably has to do with Randi being a magician. Such people are good with smoke and mirrors. I so-detest fakes, liars, cynics, and those who are out to trick you, no matter which side of the “psychic phenomena is real” fence they happen to be on.


Objectivity down the drain

There’s nothing better than reading an informative and well written article. Here’s one in the Psychic Times that discusses those who claim to be “objective” when they approach mediumship, but are really nothing of the sort. Those who purport to be genuine skeptics, but have a very defined agenda of their own, whether they admit it or not. Who then turn around and tell us we’re fools.

It’s important to note that in the UK, skeptic is spelled with a “c” – “sceptic”. I don’t know if Mr. Prescott is aware of this, but I think he’ll get a chuckle out of knowing that over here in the US, sceptic is spelled with a “k” – “skeptic”, and when we spell it with a “c”, it’s something very different, as per the diagram below:

Sceptic System Inspection Overview (click for link)

Here’s the important part from the source article that the image comes from (when you click on it): “Everything that goes down any of the drains in the house (toilets, showers, sinks, laundry machines) travels first to the septic tank.”


Hmm.. perhaps sceptic UK and sceptic US aren’t so different after all 😉

Australian Arrogance

Medium John Edward wound up on a talk show on a talk show with host John Faine. Here’s a snippet from the interview. Watch the video, it tells the whole story.

I hate guys like John Faine. They’re pinheads. They think it’s so important that we convince them, and when we don’t do that, they walk away thinking they’ve won and we’ve lost, and conclude that we’re a bunch of cheap tricksters. Edward has the right idea when he says “poof, you’d be gone”. My view is a little more visceral. Flush the toilet and close the lid. Nobody wants a turd.

Challenges and prostitution

Here’s an article about someone who is offering $50,000 as a prize for proof of communication with the spirit world — proof that the spirits are, in fact, those who have passed on.

The amazing Randi has had a standing challenge for years, offering $1,000,000 for essentially the same thing.  No one has taken up either challenge.

Why would that be?  I think there are two perspectives.  If you’re a legitimate medium, you might have the spirits clam up and not say anything, just to teach you a lesson.  Kinda like the old looney tunes cartoon One Froggy Evening, where the frog really sings, but as soon as anybody other than its owner is around, only croaks.   The other perspective is that if you’re a fake medium, you don’t want to be exposed.  The problem is that the challenge doesn’t help ferret out one from the other, because nobody takes it up.

My personal opinion is that some things are above money.  Mediumship is one of them.  It’s ok to charge reasonable rates for readings and services and the like, but to prove that it exists for a sum of money is a form of prostitution I’d rather not participate in.  And on top of it, were I to have the brass ones to want to prove it and collect the prize money, I’d get a serious lesson.  Either right up front, when the spirits clam up instead of talking, like the frog, or even worse, after I “prove it” and all sorts of problems start cropping up as a result of it.

Oh no, I’m not about to go there. I want nothing to do with any of it.  My view is that if you can’t let your own experience be your proof, and you can’t be aware enough that there are some phoneys out there amongst the legitimates, then you have a problem that no one else but you can solve. And money won’t help you.

I have been very fortunate to have experienced enough to show me that mediumship exists.  But I’m not out to convince you or anybody else that it exists.  That’s for the spirits to do, if they so choose.  And they don’t do tricks for prize money.

Fun and games with names

I got to tinkering with a name anagram site, specifically  You can put in your name, and it will output words from the name, using every letter.  Here are some interesting anagrams that are spiritual in nature.

Mediums of today:
John Edward
‘s anagram name is ODD WHEN JAR.
James Van Praagh
‘s anagram name is JAR VAMP SANE HAG.

Mediums of the past:
Helen Duncan‘s anagram name is NUDE CHANNEL.
Margery Crandon’s
anagram name is GRANDER ACRONYM.
D.D. Home‘s anagram name is ODD HEM.  Expanded to Daniel Douglas Home, his anagram name is ALIEN AGED HOODLUMS.

Famous Spiritualists:
Allen Kardec is known for Spiritism, and his anagram name is NAKED CELLAR.
Arthur Conan Doyle’s is not only the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories, but a famous Spiritualist.  His anagram name is CARRY ON, HOUND TALE.

The Fox sisters, who were famous for communicating with deceased peddler Charles B. Rosna and founding Modern Spiritualism:
Kate Fox‘s anagram name is FOX TAKE.  When spelled “Katie Fox”, her anagram name is ATE OK FIX.
Margaretta Fox’s anagram name is FAT MARX TO RAGE.
Leah Fox’s anagram name is HOAX ELF.
Charles B. Rosna‘s anagram name is NOBLER AS CRASH.

Skeptics and debunkers:
Joe Nickell
is a skeptic, and his anagram name is JOKE IN CELL.  Hmmm….. 😉
Harry Houdini, the famous magician, was also famous for debunking fraudulent mediums.  His anagram name is OH! HID URINARY.  His actual name was Erik Weisz, whose anagram name is WE IRK SIZE, or when spelled “Ehrich Weiss”, his  anagram name is SHREWISH ICE.
Other spiritual things:
Near Death Experience‘s anagram name is EXERT NEEDIER PANACHE.
Trance Mediumship‘s anagram name is CRUMMIEST PINHEAD.
Full Trance Mediumship‘s anagram name is MISPLACE MIRTHFUL NUDE.
Ouija Board‘s anagram name is A BIJOU ROAD.
Spiritual Development‘s anagram name is PRIMEVAL, INSULTED POET.

A few that make you think:
Spiritualism‘s anagram name is I SIP ALTRUISM.
Spiritualist‘s anagram name is IT IS ULTRA SIP.
Psychic‘s anagram name is CHIC SPY.
Lily Dale‘s anagram name is IDLE ALLY.
And last but not least, Mediumship is HIP DUMMIES.  Hmmm… 😉