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With gratitude for those who create beauty and share

Many thanks to the wonderful artisans who have created the images that have been adapted for use as banners, icons, and other graphics on! The images are mainly sourced from, and appear on the site courtesy of Creative Commons licensing. The following is a list of all images used on that are Creative Commons based, along with their attributions.

Please note that Creative Commons-based media appearing on this site does not imply an endorsement of this site by the artisans. If anything, it’s the other way around. The appearance of their media here is an endorsement of the quality of their art and its adaptability to the needs of the site. Once again, many thanks. Artisans – please note that the site has a “Site Media Credits” item on the bottom left that points users here for the details on media credits. If you have questions about your media, or wish it to be removed, just contact me.

This Mediumship icon is a derivative of Out of the mist … by Tim J Keegan used under CC BY.

mediumship image

This Spiritualism icon is a derivative of Sun …. flower by James Rickwood used under CC BY.

This meditation icon is a derivative of free texture – purple dream by Angela Marie used under CC BY.

Meditation image

This healing icon is a derivative of Indiana State fair Ferris-wheel of light (114) by Kevin Pennington used under CC BY.

Healing image

This Natural Law icon is a derivative of balance scale by winifredxoxo used under CC BY.

Natural Law image