The Heart of A Mediumship Grinch

Cynical skeptics in mediumship are the Grinches of Christmas. I rarely address them in my blog, simply because they are who they are, they believe as they will, and I have no agenda to convince them of anything. But when there’s a perfect opportunity to poke a little fun at a Grinch who had a little change of heart, I can’t resist.

And in my best Dr. Seuss:

The Whos down in Whoville heard the Grinch’s heart grew

But only one size, and it needs another two!

This Grinch takes much longer, that’s what we know

But we won’t be worrying, because deep in the snow

His heart will be softening, like cold butter on warm bread

And he’ll be at the table, putting out the big spread


Medium’s Thanks on Thanksgiving

Communication between people on the Earth plane is full of misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and errors. Communication between mediums and spirits is similarly problematic. Here is a good article about what it can be like for those of us who are mediums that care about doing quality work, and how we might feel when things don’t go as well as we wish they did.

The article also has a great description of what spirit communication is like (or can be like) for a medium. Aimee uses a number of images to convey what it’s like, which works, but you could conclude that it only works this way on the visual side of the house (clairvoyance). But the general idea applies to clairaudience and clairsentience as well – we get flashes of sound and feelings, just like we get flashes of images.

I thought about how to characterize the article, and the best, most accurate, and only thing that came to me is a sweatshirt turned inside out. The article is written from the inside out, just like a sweatshirt. Ok, it’s not the most flowery of analogies, but it fits really well (pun intended!).

Nonetheless, Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks. Thank you Aimee.

Mediumship from the medium’s point of view

Here’s an article that describes what mediumship is like for a medium. It’s written as an interview with Reverend Celeste Elliott. It’s a great article. I like how it doesn’t have any of the junk that occupies many articles, such as “balanced” debates about whether it’s real or not, a Hollywood sense of amazement, or other distortions.

I love the elevator explanation. I’ve been looking for a response to the question of what it’s like to perceive spirits, and the elevator explanation is great. Thank you Reverend Elliott!

It’s worth reading.

The wheels on the bus

To me, one of the interesting things about reincarnation is not that you come back, but that you keep coming back. Actually, I would say two things about it. First, that we probably come here with certain skills (or aptitudes for skills) that were learned in a previous life. I think it’s because they will help us in some way during this incarnation. Second, we come to learn additional skills that will help us during this incarnation, and the next.

A friend of mine on Facebook happened to post this link about reincarnation, and I thought to share it with you. It’s an almost-7-minute story about a kid who recalls past life information from WWII. If you haven’t already seen it, you might like it. It kinda makes you wonder why it came through this way. Perhaps it’s a lesson for those who don’t believe in reincarnation, but in any event, it’s an interesting display of how the wheels on the bus go round and round.

A hundred years of Spiritualist content

If you are interested in Spiritualist and occult writings from way back when, then you’ll probably like the International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals (IAPSOP). The site covers the time period from the 1840s to the start of the Second World War.

I explored the August 1882 issue of Gallery of Spirit Art, and found a poem about spirit art that was written through mediumship (page 10). Interesting reading. The site is primarily intended for historical research, and if you want to know more about how to use the materials, including copyright, check their practices page.

According to the IAPSOP site, the materials are provided in curated, digital form, already indexed, suitable for online reading, scholarly use and citation. They receive no funds from any organization, and rely exclusively on the contribution of material, labor and money from users. So help them out, if you can.



When 7 prevents 5

Have you ever thought about what it would be like, right here and right now, to be on your deathbed? What would your regrets be?? People who work in palliative care are exposed to this all the time, through their patients. A nurse wrote an article about what’s she’s learned from those who are about to depart from us.  Check out #5. Then read this and you’ll see why 7 prevents 5.


Counterfeit mediumship?

An article just came out about Theresa Caputo, who is known for her show the Long Island Medium, stating that she is refuting claims that she is a fake. Apparently, there is at least one web site that claims to have inside information that she’s a fake. And of course, there’s always the skeptic/cynic sites that claim everyone is a fake. I won’t bother with the question of whether she’s fake or not. But how mediumship gets dragged into the mud, whether the medium is genuine or not, is a conversation worth having.

I think that the common human desire to make something better, to jazz things up a bit, leads to a lot of trouble, especially when it comes to mediumship. I think show producers are prime examples. The risk of an episode being less than stellar makes them want to jazz it up and put the “odds” of success on their side. When it’s discovered for the fakery and manipulation that it is, the medium is usually the victim, even if the medium didn’t knowingly/willingly participate in it.

I think mediums have the capacity to jazz it up too, albeit in a different way. Fairly frequently, they use poor form in their message work, which I call message casting. It’s not a manipulation by the medium to make things more successful. It’s more like the medium allows the spirits to be sloppy in identifying who the recipient of the message actually is. It looks like the medium is jazzing it up, even when the content is legitimate and lands on the correct recipient. Message casting is primarily the medium’s fault, because the medium can set rules for how they want to work with the spirits to avoid it. I don’t do much message work these days, but I’ve always been a stickler for “no slop” message work. My policy is that if you don’t know where the message should go, you shouldn’t give it out. If you don’t know, it’s the spirit’s fault because they haven’t shown you where the message goes. If you let the spirits fish around the audience for a recipient, it’s your fault for letting them. Despite my policy, I’ve had a time or two when the spirits did it to me anyway. I was very pissed off, and I let them know, in no uncertain terms. Mediums who do message casting are giving the skeptics/cynics a big opportunity to damage the medium’s credibility, whether it’s deserved, or not.

Fortunately, fake or less-than-credible mediumship doesn’t invalidate mediumship any more than counterfeit money invalidates all money.