Quality of service for Mediumship in the UK

In the Times Online, there’s a draft of a new law in the UK that affects Spiritualist activities  and services such as healing, readings, and other things people typically charge money for.  According to Professor Gary Slapper, the draft of the new law will affect anyone who charges for readings, healings, and the like, and protects consumers against unfair business practices such as “harassment, coercion or undue influence”.  An example of scams in the UK include a mailing told consumers that the place that they were living in was “a zone which has been ‘booby-trapped’ by negative waves”, and it offered a solution for a payment of £29.

While some Spiritualists are up in arms about it, it still sounds like a good law to me, only because there are people who are expressly focused on taking unfair advantage of people via mediumship and healing.  Being a spiritual provider of any kind is a big responsibility, and high standards of ethics are very-very important.

You would think that the Law of Cause and Effect (“what goes around, comes around”) ought to be enough to keep any medium on the straight and narrow and make laws like this unnecessary, but sadly, that’s not the case.  Actually, the Law of Cause and Effect ought to be enough to keep EVERYONE on the straight and narrow, but it’s abundantly clear that people-in-general just don’t work that way, and behave otherwise.  The problem is that we don’t believe on a truly personal level.  We may agree that Cause and Effect is true, but we don’t think it’s really about us, so we go about our ways as if it didn’t really exist. It’s about time that people stop giving Cause and Effect lip service and start behaving in positive, productive ways.  Keep in mind that the law works in the positive direction too!

Honorary medium?

Here’s an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about Bill Riordan, who describes himself as a Shaolin priest and an honorary minister and medium with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches (NSAC), got fired back in June 2004 from the Salt Lake airport, and is now making a suit indicating that it was due to religious discrimination.
What does honorary mean, I wonder…being a medium without an NSAC certification perhaps?  And why wait 3 years to place a lawsuit??

Responsibility and how it’s really NOT “all about you”

Spiritualism is all about personal responsibility. Speaking of personal responsibility, I know of a very elderly couple who are failing in their day-to-day living due to the issues that normally come along with aging, with medical issues piled on top of it. They stubbornly refuse to engage in assisted living and similar services when they clearly need it. They say they can and/or will drive, which is very dangerous for everyone else on the road, let alone themselves. I’d really like to wring both of their necks. And I mean REALLY.

I suppose they think they’re being responsible. Responsible for themselves, and that’s all that counts, because “it’s all about me”. Hardly. I would call it control, not responsibility. Control says “I’m going to do this because I want to, and damn the torpedoes”. Responsibility says “If I drive, I could kill several people, because my reactions aren’t up to par any more”. Responsibility says “I truly can’t do this, my refusal is hurting everyone around me who cares, and ultimately, I really do need help”. In order to have this level of responsibility, you need to have a certain awareness, which they clearly don’t have.

The world is an OPEN system. Everything affects everything else. Everything has subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) interrelationships with everything else. We don’t realize how much our own situations, our own “life stuff” affects everyone else around us. Maybe it’s because we’re too damn busy dealing with it. Maybe it’s because we shut the door to the larger world with our “it’s all about me” thinking. How narrow and SELF-ish we are.

The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (now called Osho)in his book “The Search: Talks on the 10 Bulls of Zen”, says it all, very concisely — “Wake up! Be aware! Be responsible!”

How I would like these people to do exactly that … wake up, be aware, and be responsible, DAMN IT!

Things that make you go “How wonderful…”

I was on my way back from Spokane, Washington, and on the flight to Chicago Midway I happened to sit next to a lady who was reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. After a nice conversation with her about the book and our interests in it, I came away with a fresh realization of how much the book changed my life, not only philosophically, but in my career as well. Had I not read it in college, I would have never got into the computer industry, as I was anti-technology back in the day, which was before the Internet (and Windows!) existed. Computers back then were still very expensive and very underpowered. Today, anyone who knows me would start laughing incredulously if I said I was anti-technology at one point, but believe it or not, it’s true.

Food for thought — what’s the likelihood that I wind up sitting next to someone on an airplane who’s reading a book that I’ve read 5 times, sent me on an 18-month deep-dive into Zen Buddhism on a quest for enlightenment, and profoundly affected my thinking on a both a philosophical and technical level??

On the connecting flight back to Buffalo, I sat next to a lovely couple who were in their late 20’s or early 30’s and are engaged. We talked about a number of things about travel including earplugs for long flights. At one point I was quiet and she asked if I was all right. I noticed how the genuine caring in her voice was almost startling, and it made me aware that I sometimes do the same thing to people because I genuinely care about people too.

More food for thought — how often do you get feedback that teaches you something about yourself, and perhaps more importantly, how people might perceive you?

Two lessons in one day is a good day indeed. I think the spirit folks can arrange these “incidental” happenings, and teach us certain subtle lessons even though they appear to be relatively mundane events. I’m not a person who is overly-eager to attribute things to the spirit folks, and I don’t get blown away every time they do something. Even so, I would consider these events as being spirit-orchestrated. It’s nice to know that they have a hand in things.

Welcome to Joe’s Blog

I’ve always had an interest in things-spiritual, and after careful consideration over several months, I think a blog is in order, focused on things-spiritual. What kind of things? Mediumship (spirit communication) and spiritual development. There’s plenty of material here on Alseyon.com to give you a better understanding of mediumship and Spiritualism, including the book I wrote called Spiritualist Basics. You’ll also find some history about me, if you wish to know. In any event, I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I plan to enjoy writing it.