Spirit Marco Polo

It’s nice to think about summer weather while we’re in January. Here’s a thought – do you remember Marco Polo? We used to play Marco Polo in the pool from time to time, and it was fun.

When it comes to being aware of the spirits, it’s not quite a game of Marco Polo, but they can (and do) make themselves known. Here is a nice little article that describes some of the signs and signals you might get when someone in the Spirit World is playing Marco Polo with you.



Medium’s Thanks on Thanksgiving

Communication between people on the Earth plane is full of misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and errors. Communication between mediums and spirits is similarly problematic. Here is a good article about what it can be like for those of us who are mediums that care about doing quality work, and how we might feel when things don’t go as well as we wish they did.

The article also has a great description of what spirit communication is like (or can be like) for a medium. Aimee uses a number of images to convey what it’s like, which works, but you could conclude that it only works this way on the visual side of the house (clairvoyance). But the general idea applies to clairaudience and clairsentience as well – we get flashes of sound and feelings, just like we get flashes of images.

I thought about how to characterize the article, and the best, most accurate, and only thing that came to me is a sweatshirt turned inside out. The article is written from the inside out, just like a sweatshirt. Ok, it’s not the most flowery of analogies, but it fits really well (pun intended!).

Nonetheless, Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks. Thank you Aimee.

Survey says ..!

I used to watch Family Feud a lot. The gameboard shows survey responses, and the number of people who picked each response.

Survey says .... on Family Feud









Now we can have our very own gameboard, with responses to a survey about spirit communication. A study was done amongst Hispanic-American people about whether they believed in spirits and spirit communication. The numbers in the “It is possible to communicate with spiritual beings or saints” column are pretty good! Now, where do I get all those fancy lights… 😉

Who Died Here?

Earth-bound spirits often hang out in the places they knew during their life on the Earth plane. A fair amount of the time, the location is the place where they died. If you want to find out whether a person died in a particular place, like your house, check out this short article about a site that will do research on it for you.

Naturally, someone dying in a house doesn’t guarantee that the place is haunted, but realtors who are helping customers sell/buy such properties might want to know.

I’ve not used this site, but if anyone happens to try it out, I’d like to know how it went — drop me a line.


Different than what you would expect

As a medium, you have a different relationship to the spirits than most people. It’s like you have a connection that’s always available between yourself and the spirits.  Not that the connection is always busy or anything, but it’s just there. The comparison they make is that it’s like when leave your email software running on your PC while you are doing other things on it. Since it’s always running, you could get mail at any time (or send one for that matter), but that doesn’t mean that it’s constantly busy. Just a connection.

A little more than a year ago, I suddenly started to paint. I hadn’t done anything since grade-school, and I wasn’t good at it then, so my current art work is pretty grade-school. But no matter, because it’s fun to do, and that’s the main point. Some friends asked me to post some of it, and after I did, one of them asked me if I could do something on the 9/11 tragedy. I didn’t say much about it, but went out and did a bunch of research. I learned about the Trade Center buildings, the construction, the devastation, the conspiracy theories, all kinds of things. I looked at a lot of pictures, and now I can name several buildings around the towers at a quick glance. I discovered that there was an itty-bitty little church in front of the towers which was built long ago and perished in the disaster.

Somewhere in the middle of all this learning and research, I got something in my “inbox” about events such as 9/11. It said that events such as these happen the way they do for a reason, they teach lessons. All the people involved died the way they were supposed to, and all was accounted for. I replied back, asking what the lessons were, but got a bounce message in return. That happens sometimes; you discover that the “email” in your inbox is valid and isn’t spam, but it just doesn’t have a from-address that works. I got another note instead, that the people whom we call victims, when looked at from the grander perspective that the spirits have, are actually volunteers. They volunteered.

I’ve heard of this type of thing before, but it still blows my mind to hear it again. I can’t imagine sitting somewhere in the spirit worlds and deciding that I’m going to incarnate on the Earth for a bit and have my life end that way, because there’s some value in doing so, and it’s only one life of many. Pretty interesting to think about. Certainly nothing that most of us here on the Earth plane would consider as a good way, or even the best way to do things. I can’t imagine volunteering for such a thing, and have high regard and respect for those who have done so. My understanding is that the goal was for us to learn and grow; I dearly hope that their “volunteer work” was successful in that regard, and we have learned the things from it that we should.

So I went about my research, then went to paint. I use acrylic paint (which is water based) on canvas panels. I painted one picture, and it came out, well, “ok”. Every time I go to paint, it’s an experiment of some kind. This one was an experiment with using pencil to block-in the buildings and things before using the paint. It was all right, but doubt I’ll use pencil for that again, as it bleeds through, particularly on lighter colors. I got an oil paint starter kit for my birthday earlier in the year, and decided it was time to experiment with it before trying another 9/11 scene. I tried a couple of landscapes with it, as I’ve watched Bob Ross, a master of landscapes in oil, do so many times on his show. Working with the paint and trying some of his technique, I could see the value of it, but in the end, I hated working with it. It’s like painting with peanut butter, the clean up requires thinner instead of water, and a painting takes many days to dry. I made a decision to not work with oil. Suddenly I got a note in my inbox, saying that the decision I made would not shorten my life span. It went on to say that life is X amount of time to start with, and if I had decided to work with oils for the rest of my life, my life would be then be shorter than X by some amount of time because of the choice I made.

The chemicals in thinner, and probably in the paint as well, aren’t good for you with prolonged exposure, and a lifetime of working with it would be exactly that – prolonged exposure. I went on to think about Bob Ross. On one of his shows, he said he painted 20,000-30,000 paintings. He also died young, at 53, of cancer. I’m no doctor, but I would say that prolonged exposure to paint thinner probably caused his cancer. Bob has done more to interest people in doing art work more than anyone else probably ever has. I replied back, asking about whether Bob volunteered to incarnate and have a shorter life due to the oils because the value of  getting interesting people in art was worth it. I didn’t get a reply, but I’m not surprised. If I could answer the question for him, I would say yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

One never really knows why people choose the Earth planes lives they do. Whether it’s as emotionally charged as being an 9/11 victim or as neutral as being a master of painting landscapes in oil, it’s interesting to think about, and to be appreciative of what these people have done.

Variations on a theme

People sometimes ask what mediumship is like for the medium, i.e. how they perceive spirits. On this forum, bluebird asks it well by saying “When you actually see spirits , how do they appear to you? Are you actually able to see some sort of manifestation? or is it more like in your minds eye?”

Mediumship is a most personal endeavor for the medium. The spirits work with each individual medium in their own way. Beginning mediums often fail to acknowledge the impact of this. They tend to look for certain things they think they should get, or think they should get, and at the same time, tend to overlook the things that they do get, either ignoring them, dismissing them, thinking it’s weird, or thinking it’s just their imagination. It’s important to pay attention to what you’re getting and how it is working for you, and to develop along those lines.

If you gathered a bunch of us together and had each medium respond to that question individually, I would bet that you’d find a lot of variation. The comments on the forum link above gives you a flavor of some of the variations. I’ve heard some mediums say it’s like a movie running past them at high speed, others say it’s a certain feeling they get, and others perceive things that are unusual for most mediums on a regular basis, such as smells and tastes.

Having said that, I think that you would also be able to filter it down into some common themes. Those themes are what I call “the clairs” – clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance. “Clair” in French means clear, so you have clear hearing, clear feeling, and clear seeing. I would say that for the most part, these themes happen in the mind’s eye. Most people would leave it at that, but on the forum, True Angel asked what “mind’s eye” really means. Interesting question. My response is that the answer is  more dependent on the person asking the question, than anything else. I would ask them how much imagination they have. I would ask them to use their imagination to conjure something up. I would ask them to include sound, things they could feel, and things they could see. If they can get that far, I would then say that they now know what the mind’s eye is, because they just used it to conjure up whatever they created. From a mediumship perspective, the difference is that the spirits put things into your mind’s eye/ear/feeling as a means of communication, as opposed to you building something and putting it there yourself.

Note how experience-dependent the “answer” is. Also note how individualized the answer is. I like questions whose answers depend more on the questioner than the source of the answer.

Business district, farm, or both?

I happened across an article about a new book that just came out, called You are in this World, but Not of it , by Rev. Richard Gebers. It’s a non-fiction work, and contains a lot of material from the spirits that Rev. Gebers has had contact with. I have not read it, but am seriously thinking about it. There appears to be a lot of goodness in it, but what caught my eye was that it isn’t afraid to talk about the dark side.  The dark side of mediumship is pretty-much what you think it is – people who are any of many negative things, including being “evil” in the classic sense. I’ve experienced people and things from the dark side, and dealing with them is not a simple matter. It should be obvious from my blog that I am not of the dark side, nor do I have a morbid curiousity about it. But as someone who’s dealt with it before, I’m curious as to what he’s run into in the course of his experiences. It may be an opportunity for me to compare notes and learn something. On the book’s web site (see the above link), there’s a statement just after a description of the experience with the dark side, as follows:

Many of these unfortunates (GHOSTS) were not even aware they died and actually had lived inside human bodies for years, often creating sickness and physical damage to their host’s bodies. You will also learn how to avoid these experiences and how to protect yourself from them.

My initial reaction to this was “That’s crazy! No way!” But mediumship and the spirit world is so big and so vast that people can have very different experiences, even contradictory ones, and it’s still “accurate”. Imagine someone with no preconceived knowledge or experience of the earth is suddenly dropped down into the middle of the business district of a very large and bustling city. They will observe certain things, draw inferences based on them, and write a book about it. Another equally unbiased and inexperienced person is dropped into the middle of a barn that fifty cows visit, twice daily. They will also observe certain things, draw inferences based on them, and write a book about it. Both books will be vastly different from each other, and if each proclaims that their experience is the only “way it is” on the Earth, they will be deemed contradictory to each other, even if each is perfectly accurate in their own right. How to reconcile this? Well, it’s easy for us, because we know better – the reality is that the Earth is a huge place, and business districts and farms are not a contradiction at all. But when it comes to mediumship and the spirit world, we don’t know better, and we often come away with a limited understanding, unbeknownst to us. I think there’s a huge failing here that few people are aware of, let alone take a perspective that they can see it from.

With the awareness that I might be on the farm and reading about the business district (or vice versa), I try to accept whatever my initial reaction is, put it aside long enough to observe certain things and draw inferences on my own, and then determine “what’s what”. If you’re honest with yourself, it works pretty well, and you can learn a lot this way. That’s exactly what I plan to do with this book.

If you end up reading it, I’d like to hear what you think.